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Introduced by the NSW Government, BASIX, the Building Sustainability Index, ensures homes are designed to be more energy and water efficient.

BASIX assesses your design and compares it against energy and water reduction targets. The design must meet these targets before a BASIX certificate can be printed.   

A BASIX certificate is a list of commitments you have made that you must incorporate in your building works to achieve the targets.


Do you need a BASIX Certificate?

Every development application and/or complying development certificate for a new dwelling must be submitted to Council with a BASIX certificate. 

Applications for alterations and additions valued at $50,000 or more, or for a pool exceeding 40,000 litres, must also be submitted with a BASIX certificate. 

Most changes made to the house design after the DA is approved will require the original BASIX certificate to be amended to ensure that the project still meets the BASIX targets. 


New Houses

 There are three sections to the BASIX assessment – water, thermal comfort and energy.


1. Water Rainwater tank

Includes water fixture efficiency (taps, shower heads, toilets), pools & spas, landscape area, size of rainwater tanks and rainwater use.




2. Thermal Comfort Insulation

The ability of the house to maintain comfortable conditions throughout the year while minimising the need for artificial heating and cooling.  

Includes orientation, glazing, shading, insulation, cross ventilation, building materials & overshadowing.

We are accredited with the Association of Building Sustainability Assessors (ABSA) and apply the simulation method using 2nd generation software to assess the thermal comfort of your house.



3. Energy PV panels

Appliance selection and efficiency.  

Includes water heating, space heating, air conditioning, lighting, cooking equipment, exhaust fans, photovoltaic (PV) systems, pool heating & pool pumping.




Dual occupancies, Townhouses, Multi-Unit Developments

Each of the residential units is assessed similarly to new houses.  

In addition, any common areas or equipment provided for the use of all the residents is assessed.  This includes common landscape areas, car parks, lifts, pools, entry foyers, hallways, common rainwater tanks, central hot water or space heating systems etc.

A single BASIX certificate is generated containing all the commitments for the whole development


Alterations and Additions Adds & alts

A BASIX assessment is only required if the project is valued at $50,000 or more, or includes a pool exceeding 40,000 litres.  

The assessment is applied only to the new or modified parts of the house and any new equipment installed.  Untouched parts of the house and appliances which are being retained are not included.  


Our Service

BASIX offers many options in each of the three sections.  There are many different ways to meet the targets and it is possible to trade off some things while compensating with others.  

  • We will help you find the best options for your house. 
  • We will ask for your design and equipment preferences and endeavour to meet the targets with the minimum changes to these.  If changes are necessary, we use our experience to recommend the alternatives that will achieve compliance at the least cost.  
  • We will send you a draft report detailing all the commitments, and only once you are satisfied will the final certificate be generated.   

Sometimes Council requires changes to the design before the DA is approved or you may want to change something during construction.  This may require the BASIX certificate to be amended to demonstrate that the project still meets the BASIX targets.  

  • We can update the certificate at minimal cost and again provide advice if the targets are no longer met.  


Our philosophy is to meet the regulatory requirements at the least compromise to your design and in the most economical manner.   

Of course, you can always choose to install more efficient alternatives if you wish.  An efficient home will save you money on energy and water bills as well as reduce greenhouse emissions.  The investment in more efficient equipment or design choices will pay itself back over time, increase your comfort, and help insure you against rising energy prices. 


Free Quote

Our fees depend on the size and complexity of your development.  Please send us a copy of your plans and we will provide a fixed quote.


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